Reducing stigma and increasing workplace productivity due to mental health difficulties: A randomised control treatment trial (RCT) of a low intensity psychological intervention and stigma reduction programme for common mental disorder (Prevail).

Published: 3 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4ph3dr3vg5.1
Robert Snowden


Data from the study are presented in a series of files 1) three files contain the data from the evaluation of the course (All starting with "prevail...."). These were generated from within the DVLA and contain only data at group levels. 2) Data from the evaluation of mental health literacy pre and post Prevail are provided in in an SPSS database ("SASS database"). 3) data for sick leave in the period before and after the Prevail programme are provided in an Excel database (Sickness data). These data were compiled by the DVLA and are only at the level of groups.



Mental Health