PAR2 : Parallel Random Walk Particle Tracking Method for solute transport in porous media

Published: 15 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4pkhgx8wcb.1


Computational modeling of solute migration in groundwater systems is a fundamental component in water resources management and risk analysis. Therefore, it is imperative to have fast and reliable computational tools to simulate solute transport in groundwater systems. In this work we present PAR2, a GPU-accelerated solute transport simulator based on the Random Walk Particle Tracking (RWPT) technique, a Lagrangian method particularly suited for parallelization. PAR2 is able to run on any computing platform equipped with an NVIDIA GPU, such as common desktops and High-Performance Computing (HPC) nodes. The program is developed in C++/CUDA. In our illustration, groundwater flow is simulated on a structured grid using MODFLOW, which can be linked to PAR2 using the LMT package. Simulation parameters can be defined through a convenient YAML configuration file. Additionally, we propose an analytical treatment of the dispersion tensor that allows the RWPT to be effectively implemented using GPU parallelization. The speedup gained with the parallelization drastically reduces the total simulation time, allowing the application of computationally expensive algorithms (e.g., Monte-Carlo simulation) on large-scale stochastic hydro-systems.



Computational Physics