Coupled THMC modeling of dissociation induced deformation of gas hydrate bearing media

Published: 16 June 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4rd37dygcc.2


We have developed a THMC solver to simulate the non-linear equations governing describing gas hydrate dissociation induced deformation. The governing equations are discretized using Finite Volume method for flow and Finite Element method for geomechanics. Generalized effective medium model is used for computing the elastic properties of the hydrate bearing media. PETSc routines are used for non-linear and and linear solvers. In this dataset, we have provided the original computer code used for solving the problem as well as a Readme file.


Steps to reproduce

1) Please read Readme.txt file in the folder ComputerCode 2) Install PETSc 3) Compile the code using the makefile given in the folder "ComputerCode" 4) Run the code using the command given in the Readme.txt file 5) Plot the solution files using Matlab or any plotting software.


Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Gas Hydrate