Association between neurological lesions originated during the neonatal period, with atopic dermatitis and IgE levels.

Published: 20 September 2022| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/4rmby3k737.4
Santiago Vasco-Morales


Database of patients who presented neurological risk at birth, where the differences between the results of the frequentist and Bayesian statistical methods are also presented.


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Regarding the difference in the results obtained by each statistical method, what should be noted is that both indicated the association between AD with DN, contact with AD, and structural lesions of the CNS detected by transfontanellar ultrasound. However, in the Bayesian model, this association is less potent in patients with structural CNS lesions detected by transfontanellar ultrasound. Regarding the analysis of the IgE level, its measures of central tendency and dispersion: differences between the results are also observe due to the presence of outliers, which shift the mean towards an unrealistically higher value in the frequentist model, which leads to committing a type II error, in the interpretation of the results between the groups with and without ND. For the statistical analysis of samples with outliers, it is possible to resort to the transformation of these data or their elimination; however, these operations have limitations and can affect the interpretation of the results.


Universidad Central del Ecuador


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