Lion lords and sharing hyaenas: Carnivore guild dynamics around elephant carcasses.

Published: 31 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4s3fb7rcr5.1


Data and code to assess activity, activity peaks, and activity overlap in R, of carnivores at elephant carcasses in Madikwe Game Reserve


Steps to reproduce

Suitable elephant carcasses were monitored with a black flash camera trap (Cuddeback C3) for as long as the carcass persisted (16 days on average). Cameras were set to take four images per trigger with a one-minute delay between trigger events. Each trigger event was considered a single observation, considering all species across the four images to be part of the same observation. The date and time associated with the observation were extracted from the first image of each trigger event. Species were manually tagged, recording date, time and the number of species present per observation.


Nelson Mandela University


Feeding Ecology