Database of monitoring greenhouse gases in the forests of Western Siberia

Published: 4 December 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4s445bzk7k.2
Marina Platonova, Vasiliy Kotler


This database contains a description of the characteristics of forest functioning at different organizational levels. We have documented the biological features and main morphological characteristics for each species. For every prevalent forest in Western Siberia, we selected a 50 by 50-meter sampling site. A detailed description, including a complete geobotanical overview and soil characteristics, was compiled for each sampling site. Soil descriptions are based on full-profile sections, including analyses of humus, nitrogen, phosphorus content, pH, and mechanical composition across genetic horizons.


Steps to reproduce

The ontogenetic state of the species is described in accordance with the concept of a discrete approach to describing the ontogeny of higher plants. Measurement of the rate of CO2 absorption and transpiration was carried out according to the methodological manual for the portable photosynthesis analysis system LI-6800 (LI-KOR). Fluxes from the soil surface were recorded using a Li-COR 8250 gas analyzer. SoilFluxPro software presents the data as a file.


Gas, Emissions, Forest, Database