Database for: Evidence based land-sea conservation in Chilean Patagonia

Published: 11 May 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4sff2xhzmh.1
María José Martínez-Harms


Appendix A. Supplementary Information for "Evidence based land-sea conservation in Chilean Patagonia". This document includes the supplementary text with the methodological approach of the compilation, analysis and synthesis of the evidence about the conservation of Chilean Patagonia applying a systematic mapping approach (including the five stages to reproduce the synthesis). Appendix B. Complete database of the 986 studies reviewed in this synthesis coded by: AU Authors TI Title SO Publication name DT Document Type (article, review, editorial, book chapter, letter, meeting abstract, technical report) PY Publication Year DE Authors’ Keywords ID Keywords associated by ISI database AB Abstract TC Times cited System Freshwater, terrestrial, marine, social and other Driver climate change, habitat change, pollution, overexploitation, invasive species (one per column) SC Subject category (See Fig. 2. Example: ecology, environmental sciences, plant studies, archaeology, anthropology among others) Conservation or Management Does the study try to solve conservation and/or management questions? Q1 Does the paper cover the Patagonia region o any area in the Chile’s Patagonia region? Q2 Does the paper consider research in any of the systems of Patagonia (freshwater, marine, terrestrial, and social)? Q3 (a) Does the paper consider drivers affecting ecosystems or conservation and management issues in Patagonia region? Q3 (b) Does the paper consider human-nature relationships, identity issues (indigenous) or human occupation patterns in Patagonia? Extra information Extra notes



Protected Area, Ecosystem, Conservation of Biodiversity, Conservation Ecology, Land-Sea Interaction