Effects of Danmaku and personality on health information consumption on short-form video apps

Published: 3 July 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4sxjg37ztb.1
Saihong Han,


This study investigated the effects of Danmaku comments, extraversion, and frequency of app usage on user experience and intention to use short-form video apps for health information. Through a 2 (the presence vs. the absence of Danmaku comments) × 2 (extroverted vs. introverted personality) × 2 (low vs. high frequency of use) between-subjects experiment, we collected and analyzed 146 participants’ data (Mean age = 23.0 years, SD = 5.6 years). When gathering the data, participants firstly completed pre-experiment questionnaire, including demographic information and TIPI-C Scale. Next, the researchers showed participants the interface and how to interact. Participants then were showed with four videos in a random order and their interactions (no interaction, like, comment, collect, share, Danmaku comment) with the interface were recorded. To make sure that participants understood the videos, they were asked about four health tips provided in the videos after watching them. Finally, participants completed the post-experiment questionnaires on trust, acceptance, and intention to use.



Jiangnan University


Health, Mobile Platform, Consumer Acceptance