Network Pharmacology-Based Identification of Pharmacological Mechanisms of Inula japonica Thunb. on Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Published: 09-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4t45fc835x.1
Huiqin Qian


This was the data underlying the study, which included as follows: Table S1 Putative targets in IJT Table S2 Known therapeutic NSCLC-related targets Table S3 Known therapeutic targets of IJT acting on NSCLC Table S4 Topological features of all nodes in the compound-compound target network Table S5 Protein-protein interactions of therapeutic targets of IJT on NSCLC Table S6 Topological features of all nodes in the T-T network of putative IJT targets, known therapeutic target and interactional human proteins Table S7 Topological features of hub nodes in theT-T network for IJT against NSCLC extracted from Fig. 4 Table S8 Significant pathways Table S9 Molecular docking