Data for: Gas-particle partitioning of atmospheric reactive mercury and its contribution to particle bound mercury in a coastal city of the Yangtze River Delta, China

Published: 13 July 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4t762n9s9f.1
Lingling Xu


This data set includes (1) the concentrations of atmospheric speciated Hg and air pollutants in different seasons and the whole study period (2015 and 2017) in Ningbo, the YRD region, China; (2) the values of log (1/Kp) and 1/T (Kp: the coefficient of RM gas-particle partitioning; T: temperature) in different seasons; (3) Kp intervals related to aerosol chemical compositions of NR-PM1; (4) PCA-MLR results for PBM.



Atmospheric Physics, Mercury, Air Pollutant, Atmospheric Composition