varRhoTurbVOF 2: Modified OpenFOAM volume of fluid solvers with advanced turbulence modeling capability

Published: 24 July 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4t8z8vzyvs.2


varRhoTurbVOF contains a set of OpenFOAM volume of fluid (VOF) solvers for turbulent isothermal multiphase flows, which are variable-density incompressible. Unlike their official counterparts, where Favre-averaged and Reynolds-averaged velocities coexist in different equations, new solvers use Favre-averaged velocities consistently in all equations. This major update introduces three main improvements to the previous version of varRhoTurbVOF. First, the implementation is extended to VOF solvers for isothermal and non-isothermal phase change two-phase flows, where the flow is no longer incompressible. Second, in order to introduce backward compatibility and to avoid code duplication, the turbulence model construction procedure is redesigned such that solvers can determine whether the variable-density effect is considered or not in the turbulence modeling part based on the input file at run time. Third, the Egorov turbulence damping model for ω-based turbulence models is implemented with its most recent developments. Plus, an extension to ϵ-based turbulence models is developed and implemented.



Computational Physics, Turbulence