Parkinson´s disease and facial bradykinesia

Published: 19 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4tjd8jrhp8.1
Teresa Maycas


Parkinson-s Disease patients and different scales : UPDRS, Hoehn and Yard, timed tests (CAPIT protocol), PD-CRS,QUIDS and facial mimic measured by UPDRS and blink rate. Results: We included 75 PD patients were included. Amimia (item 19 UPDRS III) correlated with motor and total UPDRS (r: 0.529 and 0.551 Spearman respectively), Hoehn-Yahr scale (r: 0.386), timed tests, gait freezing, cognitive status (r: 0.29) and quality of life (r: 0.248). Blinking frequency correlated with amimia (item 19 UPDRS), motor and total UPDRS. Conclusion: Amimia correlates with motor and cognitive situation in PD and it could be useful as a marker of overall disease severity, including cognitive involvement



Parkinson's Disease