Dataset to run examples in SmartPLS 3 (teaching and learning)

Published: 7 March 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4tkph3mxp9.2
Diógenes de Bido,


This zip file contains: - 3 .zip files = projects to be imported into SmartPLS 3 >>> DLOQ-A model with 7 dimensions >>> DLOQ-A model with second-order latent variable >>> ECSI model (Tenenhaus et al., 2005) to exemplify direct, indirect and total effects, as well as importance-performance map and moderation with continuous variables. >>> ECSI Model (Sanches, 2013) to exemplify MGA (multi-group analysis) - 5 files (csv, txt) with data to run 7 examples in SmartPLS 3 Note: - DLOQ-A = new dataset (ours) - ECSI-Tenenhaus et al. [model for mediation and moderation] = available at: > Resources > SmartPLS Project Examples - ECSI-Sanches [dataset for MGA] = available in the software R > library(plspm) > data(satisfaction)



Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie


Structural Equation Modeling, Latent Variable Modelling