Data for: Human vocal behavior within competitive and courtship contexts and its relation to mating success

Published: 27 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4tyf28fvrm.1
Alexandre Suire, Michel Raymond, Melissa Barkat-Defradas


Data contains personnal and ascoustics information on every participant in the study. Corrigendum: This dataset has been updated (update on 26.07.2019). A few errors were reported in the previous one, so use this one instead if you want to re-run the analyses. Also note that the individuals marked as MD_17012017_14 and MD_08022017_56 were not used in the analyses, and this was unfortunately not mentioned in the article. Those individuals were removed as they presented an unusually high number of mating partners. However, adding or removing these two individuals from the analyses did not change qualitatively the results.



Institut des sciences de l'evolution


Acoustics, French Language, Mating, Sexual Selection, Human Voice