GAMA Adolescent Health Indicator Mapping

Published: 18 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4w2f8pwj6s.1
Holly Newby, Andrew D Marsh, Ann-Beth Moller, Emmanuel Adebayo, Peter S Azzopardi, Liliana Carvajal, Lucy Fagan, Howard S Friedman, Mariame Guèye Ba, Ann Hagell, Alison Morgan, Elizabeth Saewyc, Regina Guthold


This database provides the results of scoping review to map the existing adolescent health indicator landscape as depicted by major measurement initiatives. Indicators are classified according to 33 previously identified core adolescent health measurement areas and by age group. Additional details on the structure of the database and the included measurement initiatives are provided on the second worksheet within the file ("Guide to mapping").



Adolescent Health, Adolescent, Global Health, Health Services Research, Youth Health, Literature Review, High Risk Behavior in Healthcare, Health Indicator, Indicator Analysis, Determinants of Health, Health Status, Health Behavior