BCG - patient deterioration impending death

Published: 2 March 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4wrk4fr69w.2


The presented dataset consists of 16 ballistocardiographic records of patient deterioration impending death. It was obtained by ballistocardiographical sensory pads equipped by 2 (or 4) piezoceramic sensors with sampling frequency 330 Hz. When measuring, the pad is placed under the mattress of the patient's bed. In the case of a 4-sensors pad, the sensors are placed: (i) approximately under the heart, (ii) under the right lunge on the same level as a sensor (i), (iii) under the left hip approximately on the level of the patient's centroid, and (iv) on the same level under the right hip. On the other hand, in 2-sensors pads, only sensors (i) and (iii) are deployed. The lengths of records differ due to the different time intervals from onset of deterioration to death. The text file shows, when deterioration occurs by individual patients. The patients' sex, age, height, weight and other descriptors are unknown.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset was acquired by 16 measuring pads equipped by 2 (in case of retirements homes) or 4 (in case of Intense Care Units) piezoceramic sensors. The measuring pads were installed under the mattrasses of patients' beds.


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Death, Ballistocardiography, Convolutional Neural Network


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