Analysis of Hand Hygiene in Nursing Professionals of the Adult Intensive Care Unit of the Regional Hospital of Baixo Amazonas

Published: 3 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4wwprbzm8b.1


These data presents a set of information about nosocomial infections that occur and can be prevented by hand hygiene. The variables analyzed were frequency, time and hand hygiene techniques performed by nursing professionals in the adult ICU of the Baixo Amazonas Regional Hospital. The data were collected through the filling of hand hygiene control forms by nursing professionals after health care procedures. The study was approved by the UEPA Ethics Council. A negative result was observed regarding hand hygiene of the investigated professional, although there was encouragement from the Center for Hospital Infection Control - CCIH.


Steps to reproduce

This study contains data that were collected through observation using a form for recording hand hygiene by professionals when performing daytime procedures. The participants of the research were 2 nurses and 8 nursing technicians, who signed the Informed Consent Form, requested at the end of the collection period.


Universidade do Estado do Para


Microbiology, Collective Behavior