Collection of publications on under-frequency load shedding protection

Published: 15 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4yfzmxx7td.1
Tadej Skrjanc,


The number of publications in the field of under-frequency load shedding (UFLS) protection is rapidly increasing. This confirms that the topic is timely, but due to the large number of publications, it is easy to lose track of the prevailing concepts driving the latest technologies. To overcome this problem, researchers resort to subjective review articles in the literature in which individual authors attempt to systematically categorize UFLS algorithms according to their own understanding of a variety of approaches. Since this is not exactly a trivial task and is undoubtedly subject to personal interpretation, it is better to use specialized mathematical techniques for this purpose. Recently, it has been shown that clustering techniques and graph theory can be a useful tool for systematic literature reviews. If one decides to use such techniques to search for similarities between UFLS algorithms, one must first collect the relevant literature and extract important information. Therefore, this collection provides an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) of 381 publications on UFLS protection for the period 1954 to 2020, with the following information for each publication: i) authors, ii) title, iii) year of publication (journal, conference proceedings, dissertation, master thesis, bachelor thesis, other), iv) the source from which we obtained the publication, v) DOI (Digital Object Identifier), vi) extracted general features, and vii) extracted specific features. If the publication in the row can be assigned to the feature specified in column I3-BJ3, the corresponding cell contains the value "1". Otherwise, (i.e. if the feature specified in column I3-BJ3 cannot be assigned to the publication), the cell is empty. Detailed descriptions of the individual feature can be found in a Word document (.docx). The relevant literature was obtained from various open access journals, impact factor journals, repositories of various universities and archives of various electricity suppliers and transmission system operators.



Univerza v Ljubljani Fakulteta za Elektrotehniko


Clustering, Load Balancing, Literature Review, Systematic Review, Power System Automation, Power System Control, Frequency Control in Power System, Power System Protection, Electric Power Outage