Hidden Impact of Childhood Cancer on the Family: Evidence from Bangladesh

Published: 1 June 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4yw49tpfbz.2
Md. Ziaul Islam


The dataset has developed for the cross-sectional study conducted from January to June 2018 in three randomly selected tertiary hospitals. All the children diagnosed and treated at those hospitals during the study period were eligible for this study. Measures included socio-demographic attributes, financial burden, personal strain, social impact, mastery, and treatment cost. Face-to-face interview was conducted among 242 parents using a semi-structured questionnaire based on (i) About you and your-family and (ii) the Impact-On-Family scale. High scores of the scale correlated to high impact. Informed written consent was obtained from the parents.



National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine


Childhood Cancer Diagnostics, Childhood Cancer Prevention, Family Issue in Cancer Care, Childhood