Gravel mixture sediment transport videos from a straight-walled flume

Published: 13 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4z7fspfcpv.1
Shawn Chartrand


This data consists of two movies of sediment transport looking from the outside of a flume. The length scale from left edge of rule to left edge of ruler is 0.50 meters. Flow in the videos is from right to left. Gravel mixtures has 11 size classes of sediment ranging from 0.5-32 mm, with sand content equal to 10% by mass. The original video was shot at 30 fps (30 Hz) with a Canon G11 set at the widest focal length. Flume slope was 1.5% and water flow rate was 42 liters per second, which is moderately above the critical shear stress for the sediment mixture (stress to critical stress ratio of ~1.5). The original video was taken 4 meters downstream of the inlet; the total flume length is 16 meters.


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The University of British Columbia


Earth Surface Sediment Transport