Fish pathogens 16S rRNA database

Published: 3 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/4zy425nty3.2
Karine Drønen, Irene Roalkvam


Microbes recognized as fish pathogens, opportunist or otherwise given a role in fish health according to the book "Fish pathogens" by Austin and Austin 2007, were included in this 16S sequences RNA database. The given species were search for in GenBank, and the variety of sequences affiliating to one species was included, given that a specie gather sequences with >97% 16S RNA similarity (, and that one specie may have several different operons. Emerging fish pathogens since 2007 were also included, based on "in house" knowledge and search on the internett. Totally 295 different species were included and their 6750 corresponding sequences. We collected this database as to align it towards microbial 16S rRNA libraries from land based aquaculture systems, to identify close relatives to fish pathogen microbes.



Universitetet i Bergen