BdSLW-11: A Bangladeshi Sign Language Words Dataset for Recognizing 11 daily useful BdSL Words

Published: 30 September 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/523d6dxz4n.3
Md Rasel Uddin,
Md Monirul Islam,


BdSLW - 11 stands for Bangladeshi Sign Language Words dataset for 11 sign words. This dataset is a collection of 1105 images of 11 classes or categories. Each class of the dataset contains more than 77 images. The classes are labeled as the 11 BdSL daily useful common Sign Words. The classes are 'Bad', 'Beautiful',' Friend', 'Good',' House',' Me',' My', 'Request',' Skin',' Urine' and 'You'. The images are selected and processed focusing on only hand gestures, clear background, and brightness. The size of the images is 224 x 224, and the format of the images is RGB with high resolution. Images are taken from volunteer signers with full permission by smartphones. This dataset is greatly helpful for the Deaf and Dumb community and also researchers. Note that the third version is updated as the 11 category-wise. Now researchers can download the full dataset as one folder as well as 11 category data separately, and they can use this data in their research easily.



University of Information Technology and Sciences


Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Sign Language, Bengali Language, Deep Learning