A 5-year (2018–2022) dataset of beach litter weight and amount in Manado Bay (northern Sulawesi, Indonesia) of the world coral triangle

Published: 20 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/52ccfbz4k2.1
Markus T Lasut,


The dataset contains information about the weight and amount of beach litter taken over 5 years (2018 to 2022), based on type of material, the nature of material, size (macro- and meso-size). The data was obtained once a year from September to November, and they were collected from 2 sampling points (Malalayang Beach and Bailang Beach) in Manado Bay, within the administrative area of Manado City, Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Steps to reproduce

The sampling of beach litter was carried out during the lowest low tide. On both beaches, a 100-m of long transect and 15 wide parallel to the coastline were made. The transects were marked with a rope. The transects were then divided into 5 lanes which were perpendicular to the coastline, each of which were 20 m apart. Each lane was marked with rope and flagged sticks were placed on it. A sub-transect of 5 x 5 m were placed in it and inside this sub-transect a number of 25 sub subtransects measuring a 1 x 1 m were made. All the coordinates of outer transect point and sub transect position were marked (Table 1.3). From the 25 sub subtransect, 5 were selected randomly for beach litter sampling. Beach litter of two sizes were collected, they were macro (>2.5 cm) and meso (2.5 – 0.5 cm). Meso-sized litter were collected inside all sub subtransect quadrants using a 0.5 cm mesh size sieve. The sediments at the beach were digged up to 3 cm depth of the substrate. The litter obtained was separated according to the number assigned for the sub sub-transect quadrants (1 x 1 m). The macro-sized litter were collected from all sub-transect quadrants using a 2.5 cm mesh size sieve. The litter were then separated according to the sub-transect quadrants.


Universitas Sam Ratulangi Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan


Environmental Science, Marine Environment, Plastic Waste, Marine Pollution


Directorate of Pollution and Damage Control of Coastal and Marine Affairs, Directorate General of Pollution Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia