Dataset Undergraduate Entrepreneurship (BS BSc BA BBA) Programs - Benchmarking Summary

Published: 12-07-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/52ctymfx67.2
Kamran Siddiqui


This dataset provides benchmarking of 220 undergraduate programs (BS BSc BA BBA). From this dataset, a paper has already been published: Siddiqui, K., & Alaraifi, A. (2019). What they don't teach at entrepreneurship institutions? An assessment of 220 entrepreneurship undergraduate programs. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 22(6), 1-16.


Steps to reproduce

All data has been taken from the official websites of the 220 universities offering Entrepreneurship programs. It includes the following fields: Title of Program University/College City, Region Country Program Description Langauge Duration (Years) Tuition Fees (Euro) Campus First Year Courses (15 courses) Second Year Courses (15 courses) Third Year Courses (15 courses) Fourth Year Courses (15 courses)