Published: 6 October 2018| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/52vk5yybxd.3
Gregorio Rodríguez-Gómez,


Research Questions: In this study we aim to answer the following research questions: - RQ1. Do university students show an improvement in generic skills after interacting with serious games? - RQ2. Do serious games make learning about the key components of assessment easier? - RQ3. Do serious games promote the development of students' competence in assessment? - RQ4. Are serious games useful and do they serve to transfer learning about the components of the assessment process, the skills and competencies required into other academic and professional contexts? These data were collected by two different questionnaires: QSG-EVA-SG Questionnaire A Day with Eva and QSG-EVONG-SG Questionnaire EVONG-Assessment in Action. The questionnaires are structured into categorical questions (university, year of study, degree course, subject area and gender), Likert-type questions with six levels of response (1 = minimum; 6 = maximum) organized in dimensions.



Universidad de Cadiz


Serious Game, Higher Education, Assessment