Data for: Prosocial and moral behavior under decision reveal in a public environment

Published: 05-06-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/52z4nrbvht.1
Gustav Tinghög,
Per Andersson,
Arvid Erlandsson,
Daniel Vastfjall


Data from a behavioral experiment exploring the effect of public reveal on prosocial behavior and moral judgments. Here we provide raw data from a behavioral experiment exploring how altruistic behavior, cooperation and moral judgments in sacrificial dilemmas are affected by being made in public. Data was collected in a lab experiment conducted with a student sample at Linköping university. Subjects (n=374) either made decisions in a public or a private condition. We manipulate public reveal of decisions while keeping constant an environment of being observed by others. In the public condition decisions were instantly presented to other subjects on a screen next to their name and photo. We also provide data on gender age and familiar peers. See main article for details and supplementary materials for the English translations of the question items showed to participants.