Water quality modelling geographical mapping

Published: 29 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/536ynvxw69.1


The dataset is on water quality analysis from Odisha (76 samples and 14 water quality parameter's, and Lat, Lon information of sampling). The data in excel and txt files contains the data. The Matlab script for (i) PCA analysis, and (ii) water quality modeling using different methods, and their comparison. For geospatial mapping two Shape file folders are available for the district level. Matlab script is for mapping the sampling site, annotating and administrative map of the district. The final Matlab script performs different IDW geospatial analysis, and mapping


Steps to reproduce

Water quality dataset is provided in jajpur.xls, the shape files are for geographical mapping. The shape files are downloaded from Survey of India website. PCA_analysis.m is used to perform PCA analysis on water quality. WQA_analysis.m is for water quality index calculation. Jajpur_block_location.m is for sample mapping into geographical map (subdistrict level map for specific state, e.g. Odisha with *.shp and *.dbf files can be freely downloaded from https://onlinemaps.surveyofindia.gov.in/ after registration Product Code: OVSF/1M/8 (Not shared for copyright reason). The IDW analysis can be performed using IDW_chemical_analysis.m, that requires shape files IDW_tools_chemical folder in path.


Karunya University, Siksha O Anusandhan University


Geographic Information System, Principal Component Analysis, Interpolation, Data Mapping, Water Quality Assessment, Water Quality Indicator