Multivariate Dataset on Cognitive Predictors of Indian Consumers’ Purchase Intention toward Circular Textile Products

Published: 8 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/53bftnbjn3.1
Imran Anwar


This dataset comprises the survey-based multivariate primary data on certain cognitive factors, viz. environmental consciousness, perceived risks, perceived benefits, behavioral attitude, social norms, and perceived behavioral control that influence Indian consumers’ purchase intention toward circular textile products. The final data sample collected online through Google Forms comprised 409 respondents from Indian consumers (including 230 male and 179 female respondents). This study provides a novel multivariate dataset in the research domain of consumers’ behavior toward circular economy, circular textile products, and textile waste management, particularly in the Indian context.



Aligarh Muslim University


Consciousness, Consumer Intention, Theory of Planned Behavior, Circular Economy