Datasets for Energy Hogs and Misers: Magnitude and Variability of Individuals’ Household Electricity Consumption

Published: 2 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/53pjfj84d6.1


We use circuit-level data from student housing and statistical analysis to better understand individuals' electricity consumption. Two key patterns emerged—individuals varied systematically in their magnitude of electricity use as well as in their variability of usage at the hourly and daily levels (Bustamante et al. 2023). We provide the input datasets that were used for the analysis at the bedroom and apartment levels. Electricity data from 16-21 separate electricity circuits in each apartment (depends on 4- or 6-person capacity) was measured at the minute level with Triacta PowerHawk 4124 meters. These revenue-grade meters are capable of monitoring 24 circuits of single-phase service, which allows one meter to measure the electricity consumed at each circuit of each apartment. The meters are hardwired to electrical lines mounted inside the wall with current transformers (CTs) hardwired to each circuit breaker. No HVAC, overhead lighting, or laundry use is included in these data. Data set 1: Bedroom electricity data for 312 inhabited bedrooms over the seven-year period. This dataset includes all days for these residents (n = 29,977 person-days) aggregated into hourly measures of plug-load electricity use in each student bedrooms (Wh/h). An individual code based on year, apartment, and bedroom is assigned to each participant. Data set 2: Apartment electricity data was recorded at the circuit level for each fall semester 2013 -2019, with days in the semester breaks excluded (days for break periods, and Thanksgiving vary per each year). Building HVAC electricity and laundry rooms are not included. This dataset includes daily measures (Wh/d) at the circuit level for different areas of the apartment for a total of 6947 apartment-days. Energy consumption was measured in watt-hours per minute and reported here as daily totals. Bustamante, C.; Bird, S.; Legault, L.; Powers, S.E. Energy Hogs and Misers: Magnitude and Variability of Individuals’ Household Electricity Consumption. Sustainability 2023, 15, 4171, doi:10.3390/su15054171.



Clarkson University


University, Energy Conservation, Residential Building