Alao et al; Data on Adverse events following COVID vaccination, in Southwest Nigeria

Published: 10 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/549b3f79g2.1
Michael Alao


The spectrum of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination may vary between populations and COVID 19 vaccine brands. The data shows a high prevalence of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination in an adult population in the metropolitan area of Ibadan who received the AstraZeneca COVID 19 vaccine. Although the symptoms are mild and do not interfere with daily activities. A very small number of study participants reported severe adverse events. The first vaccination dose was significantly associated with higher incidences of AEFI and multiple AEFI. This data was collected at the first phase of COVID 19 vaccination In Nigeria with the frontline workers given priority.


Steps to reproduce

In personal interview was conducted at the immunisation clinic for eligible participants using a pretested questionnaire


University College Hospital Ibadan