Published: 30 August 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/549d9g469w.2


HydroAPP is a tool that can improve the 2D hydrodynamic simulations because it allows for robust evaluation of the performance of 2D simulation by comparing against measurements. This calibration process is often complicated and subjective, but HydroAPP simplifies the process and objectively quantifies the simulation quality. The code allows the user to test different simulations and produces graphs and tabular results for posterior analyses.


Steps to reproduce

Methodology development: F. Rivera‐Trejo, G. Soto-Cortes, K.M. Konsoer, E.J. Langendoen, Integrating high-resolution measurements of river hydrodynamics and bathymetry for improved 2D hydrodynamic model calibration (submitted). Software description: Soto-Cortes, G., Rivera‐Trejo, F., Langendoen, E.J., Konsoer, K.M., 2022. 2D Hydrodynamic calibration: MATLAB algorithm (submitted simultaneously). HydroAPP User's Guide.


Louisiana State University, Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Unidad Lerma, USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory


Assessment, Shallow Water, Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, Channel Morphology, Application Software