Developing Creative Approaches in Picture Interpretation

Published: 11 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/558fgm5ncb.1
Stuart Oring Stuart Oring


Describes how I create new approaches in order to interpret and understand photographs and art.


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I arrived at my data from the theories of Ralph Hattersley and Minor White, the use of creativity methods, experimentation, and the development of new approaches that go beyond traditional methods for the understanding of photographs. By analogy, I developed creative methods that link other disciplines to photography such as using Synchronicity Systems and applying them to photography. I developed questions that I could ask the I Ching concerning the understanding of photographs and include this technique with traditional methods and coordinate the two approaches. Dream analysis techniques, meditation, and amplification of symbols are other techniques. These approaches can be combined to provide a more comprehensive understanding of visual images. I developed worksheets to coordinate the information. Methods such as the use of the I Ching were tested on my own photographs, the photographs of another photographer and Minor White in order to test the accuracy of the interpretation. This paper is a presentation I gave before a professional society of psychiatrists who use visual images with their patients for therapy purposes.


Art, Photography, Image Interpretation, Visual Communication