Thermal Comfort Dataset - Darjeeling, 2015

Published: 31 October 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/55rddfmfsz.2
Samar Thapa


This dataset consisting of 2608 thermal comfort responses from 436 subjects in 10 different buildings at 5 different locations, i.e. S0135 (Siliguri, India), K1420 (Kurseong, India), M1640 (Mirik, India), S1950 (Sonada, India) and T2565 (Tiger Hills, Darjeeling, India). The numerals represent the elevation of the location in meters above mean sea level. The ASHRAE class II protocol was followed for the collection of data wherein indoor air temperature, globe temperature, relative humidity and air movement were measured at 110 cm above the floor. All the buildings were naturally ventilated without any cooling or heating. The buildings in S0135 and S1950 were college buildings of the same institution. The buildings in K1420 and T2565 were residential buildings and those in M1640 were office buildings. The buildings in S0135, K1420 and M1640 have envelope as 1.5 cm plaster - 12 cm burnt brick - 1.5 cm plaster, the building in S1950 has envelope as 1.5 cm plaster - 12 cm hollow block - 1.5 cm plaster, and the houses in T2565 had outer envelope as tinned and inner wooden layer, respectively. The collection of data were done monthly in the year 2015.



Salesian College, Poornima Group of Colleges


Doctor of Philosophy