Coleoptera emerged from small-diameter beech deadwood collected in 10 study sites in Italy

Published: 29-04-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/55skgg5hsg.1
Sönke Hardersen,
Anna Lorenza Maria Macagno,
Stefano Chiari,
P. Audisio,
P. Gasparini,
Giuseppe Lo Giudice,
G. Nardi,


In 2012 ten high beech forest stands were visited in Italy and 200 logs of beech deadwood were collected from the forest floor, each measuring 50 cm in length and 12 ± 2 cm in diameter. Logs were stored in ex-situ emergence traps, in common garden conditions, from April to September, and individuals emerging from the deadwood were collected weekly. The Table (Data 1.) lists the Coleoptera collected from the 10 study sites. Sites are indicated with province abbreviations (exact coordinates are reported in Table 1 of the article.