Tsimane Traditional Stories Survey dataset.

Published: 25 October 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/567wjbnr2m.1
Eric Schniter


In Schniter et al. (Evolution and Human Behavior, 2017) we examine how storytelling and patterns of information transmission among Tsimane forager-horticulturalists are predicted by the changing age profiles of storytellers’ abilities and accumulated experience. We collected data for the Schniter et al. (2017) study using the Traditional Stories Survey (TSS). In this companion paper, we provide the raw data from our TSS dataset (Ninformants =421) and also for our story source nomination matrix based on informant-target dyads (Nrelationships=8425) between TSS informants and all possible targets. Additional data is available upon request from the corresponding author. Online appendices (A, B, and C) to Schniter et al. (2017) provide additional detail. Online appendix A to Schniter et al. (2017) provides detail about content, and in some cases transcriptions and translations, of traditional songs and stories (the performance of and learning of we investigated using the TSS). Online appendix B to Schniter et al. (2017) contains an index of titled and categorized stories. Online appendix C to Schniter et al. (2017) provides detail about the statistical framework that we use to recover ability measures from expert nominations and specifically, how we construct the statistical measures that we call oral tradition ability, overall ability (across all skill categories), and comparative advantage with oral tradition (the ratio of oral tradition ability to ability across all other categories).



Social Sciences, Anthropology, Folklore, Human Behavioral Ecology