Customer Perception and Preference towards in-house Logistics and Outsource Logistics model in Maharashtra (India)

Published: 22 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/56pg2xss5s.1
padmakar Shahare


In this current dynamic market environment and turbulent time of COVID-19 the role and performance of logistic services has increased manifold. The logistics service provider has contributed to innovations and delivery in their customer’s supply chain in recent time and hence they are important and relevant to the marketer’s revenue and profit creation. This article emphasizes on customer perceptions and preference towards in-house logistic and out sourcing logistics decisions. The questions faced by the manufacturer and marketers are: Why to outsource? How to outsource? What to outsource? Where to outsource? When to outsource? etc. The study and analysis of the various literature and research published earlier reveals that outsourcing in the White goods industry and FMCG is very competitive, service oriented and inclined towards third party logistic model (3PL). This study is based on the qualitative and quantitative research of in-house and outsource logistics model in the state of Maharashtra (India). For this research paper, primary data is collected via Google Doc and Likert scale is used for the analysis. Keywords: Customer Perception, preference, In-house logistics, Outsourcing, 3PL, etc.



Perception, Logistics, Logistics Provider Industry