Questionnaire measuring the perception of PWVI towards accessibility in the Indian RTO websites

Published: 2 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/56w9cbv4w6.1
Kabeer Syed,


Data collection method and Data collection instrument: The objective of this survey questionnaire was to measure the perception of PWVI towards RTO websites. Initially, a web (online) survey was undertaken. The web survey was conducted between the periods 01 March 2019 to 21 March 2019. Snowball sampling method was adopted. After getting permission, the respondents shared the contact details (email and phone) of the probable respondents for this survey as a referral. The researcher scrutinized to find out if the prospective respondents fulfilled the inclusion criteria to be a respondent for this study. The data collection instrument used was SUMI (Software Usability Measurement Inventory developed by Kirakowski (Kirakowski et al. 1993). the SUMI questionnaire was adopted from Gonçalves et al. (2018). The questionnaire covers four components: questions related to demographic profiles, computer- and information technology, tour-related, and 22 statements related to accessibility in RTO websites. Among the 22 statements, eight are related to perceivability, seven are to operability, three adhere to robustness, and four are to understandability. Perceivability, Operability, Robustness, and Understandability are the four constructs of accessibility. Inclusion Criteria for The Respondents The respondent must be a PWVI, financially independent - either by government/private employment or having own business/occupation, familiarity with operating computers using screen reader software, and with some prior experience in browsing tourism websites.



Tourist with Disability