Negative-pressure pneumatic separator: a new solution for hard-coal beneficiation; Datasets and Supplementary Materials

Published: 6 July 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/57f28ph87t.1
Kamil Stańczyk,


Title: Negative-pressure pneumatic separator: a new solution for hard-coal beneficiation. Date of Release: 2020/07/20 Data presented here were gathered during tests performed on the Negative-pressure pneumatic separator - a device for dry separation of coal, designed and constructed as part of an international project. "Appendix A" presents the most important results of the experiments, i.e. output yields of fractions, together with their ash content and lower calorific value. In addition, charts visualizing the difference in results for each grain size class are presented. "Appendix B" is a video in slow motion, showing the suction zone of the device during its operation - its purpose is to help better understand the principle of the developed solution. "Appendix C" is an excel data sheet presenting extended laboratory results of all tested samples, together with device (main fan) settings and output yields of the sucked fraction (product). "Appendix D" presents the results of size and density distribution analyses.



Engineering, Mining, Fuel Beneficiation Methods