Acceptability of minimally invasive autopsy by community members and healthcare workers in Siaya and Kisumu Counties, western Kenya, 2017-2018

Published: 5 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/57mwc7kwds.1
Peter Otieno


This data is generated from a formative qualitative study that was carried out in western Kenya in 2017/2018 as part of the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) network. The data consists of transcriptions from qualitative ( FGDs, KIIs and In-depth ) interviews as well as a site-specific codebook. Most of the interviews were conducted in the local language (Dholuo), and later translated into English


Steps to reproduce

We used Purposive sampling to identify various respondent categories including local administrators/ opinion leaders, parents who had previous experience with child loss, religious leaders, healthcare workers, community health volunteers, village elders, traditional birth attendants. We used focus group discussions, key informant interviews and in-depth interviews. we also conducted field observations.


Kenya Medical Research Institute


Mortality, Autopsy, Surveillance


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation