iLand Species Parameters

Published: 4 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/58xdbwskp8.1
, Werner Rammer, Katharina Albrich, Kristin Braziunas, Laura Dobor, Christina Dollinger, Winslow Hansen, Brian Harvey, Tomáš Hlásny, Tyler Hoecker, Juha Honkaniemi, William Keeton, Yuta Kobayashi, Sofia Kruszka, Akira Mori, Jenna Morris, Stephen Peters-Collaer, Zak Ratajczak, Trond Simensen, Ilié Storms, Kureha Suzuki, Anthony Taylor, Monica Turner, Susan Willis, Rupert Seidl


The database encompasses 9,249 records detailing 66 parameters for 150 tree species and provenances from temperate and boreal biomes, designed for use in simulations with the individual-based forest landscape and disturbance model (iLand). The parameters encompass tree growth, survival, and regeneration, as well as the modeled carbon and nitrogen dynamics. A second database contains parameters related to trees' responses to wind disturbances. This database comprises 498 records for five parameters of 104 tree species and provenances. The databases are provided in .sqlite and .xlsx format.


Steps to reproduce

Species parameters were compiled from previous published and unpublished studies performed by multiple research groups across Europe, North America, and Asia. Species parameters were initially derived from trait databases, the scientific literature (including peer-reviewed and grey literature), forest inventories (e.g., National Forest Inventory data), or estimated by experts. Subsequently, parameters of multiple species and provenances were refined and evaluated against independent data and across multiple sites to ensure their robustness in application.


Technische Universitat Munchen


Mortality, Boreal Forest Ecosystem, Temperate Forest Ecosystem, Parameter Estimation, Forest Growth, Wind