Dataset on isometric contractions of the elbow joint in children with and without spastic Cerebral Palsy: HD-EMG and torque

Published: 4 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/599rgxhy6m.1
Lukas Wiedemann,
Sarah Ward,
Eewei Lim,
Nichola Wilson,
Amy Hogan,
Aleš Holobar,
Andrew McDaid


High-density electromyographic and torque data were collected during maximal and sub-maximal isometric contractions (force ramp) of the elbow joint with contraction levels ranging between 15-70% of the maximum voluntary contraction. Participants were children aged 5-15 years with and without spastic Cerebral Palsy. CP group: Children with spastic Cerebral Palsy. TD group: Typically developed children.