Cyber Aggression Between Intentions and Abilities of Cyber Wellness of Student

Published: 25 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/59mzhd6r9g.1
Mardianto mardianto


This research is intentionally carried out to explain the behavior of cyber aggression students using the theory model planed of behavior. According to this theory, the behavior of cyber aggression is caused by the intention to carry out an attack. The intention to carry out attacks is influenced by three factors, namely subjective norms, attitudes, and perceived behavioral control. Furthermore, this study also provides an overview of the role of adolescent cyber wellness skills in the occurrence of cyber aggression behavior that is not based on the intention to carry out attacks online.


Steps to reproduce

The data collection method is using a 1-4 Likert scale. All data collected is processed using WarpPLS 6.0 software. Of the (n= 291) total samplings of students females, 211 (72.5%) and males, 80 (27.5%) age range 15-21 years in high school students of Padang city Indonesia


Universitas Negeri Padang


Educational Psychology, Cyber Attack