Analysis of type I and II error rates of parametric and nonparametric Bayesian two-sample tests under preliminary assessment of normality

Published: 12 June 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/59xxv4n956.2
Riko Kelter


Provides R replication scripts for the manuscript 'Analysis of type I and II error rates of Bayesian and frequentist parametric and nonparametric two-sample hypothesis tests under preliminary assessment of normality'


Steps to reproduce

Run scripts sim10small.R to sim12large.R to obtain the results already included in the plots.R script. Depending on your machine, the scripts sim10small.R to sim12large.R may take several hours to days, so it is recommended to run these on a high performance computing cluster, although the R code in them is already parallelized for four CPU cores. The script plots.R contains all results and produces all figures of the paper.


Universitat Siegen Department Mathematik


Bayesian Statistics, Medical Statistics, Statistical Hypothesis Testing