Social Media influencers-Content Analysis

Published: 16 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5b4vpr4752.1
Mohammad Fraiwan


The dataset contains annotation from +7400 video and images taken from Snapchat and Instagram accounts of the top 23 social media influencers in the Arab world. The annotation categories are: Influencer F.junk F.homeCooking F.healthy F.softDrinks F.drinks F.alcohol Sheesha/Smoking Fashion Cosmetics/makeup looks Hairstyling Direct communication "Children. Education " Children. Nutrition Politics Sports Posting while driving.holder Posting while driving.grapping phone Religious Social causes Medical advice Nutritional advice Book/literature Ads.Cosmetics Ads.others Places Country Social event Music Jokes Others Note: Each entry represent the count per annotator and the entry with the color background represents the average. Note: the videos and images are too large to upload here and are subject to copyright.


Steps to reproduce

1. Record content from social media influencers. 2. Train annotators for the required content types. 3. Do the annotation.


Social Influence