Quarkonium light-front wave functions

Published: 01-08-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/5bgp37xwz4.2
Yang Li


Quantum wave functions for the bound states of a system provide access to a wealth of experimental observables. We present the heavy quarkonium, both charmonium and bottomonium, light-front wave functions obtained within the basis light-front quantization approach in Li et al Phys. Lett. B 758, 118 (2016); [arXiv:1509.07212 [hep-ph]]. A brief description of the data is also provided.


Steps to reproduce

See Li et al Phys. Lett. B 758, 118 (2016); [arXiv:1509.07212 [hep-ph]] for the description of methods. See wavefunctions.pdf enclosed in the tar ball for introduction and the use of the wave functions.