Data Set- The Effect of Co-Branding and Brand Prestige on Perceived Quality and Purchase Decisions

Published: 27 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5bshhfg2js.1
Anni Rahimah, Eliana Sandy Yuliaji


This study examines the influence of co-branding and brand prestige on perceived quality and their impact on purchase decisions. This study contributes to the marketing literature by using the co-branding and brand prestige variable to see its effect on perceived quality and purchase decisions in the beverage industry context. The study contributes to the knowledge of managerial practice by highlighting the importance of co-branding strategy and brand prestige, which shapes the consumer's perceived quality, and illustrating its impact on consumer purchase decisions. This study provides insights into a brand alliance that the right co-branding strategy and brand prestige can create a consumer purchase decision.


Steps to reproduce

This study adopts a quantitative approach by employing a non-probability sampling technique to collect a sample of 116 respondents who had purchased Starbucks Ready to Drink in Malang. Data collection techniques are carried out by distributing online questionnaires using a Likert Scale of points 1 to 7. The data was analyzed using SmartPLS through the measurement model test (outer model) and structural model (inner model) test.


Universitas Brawijaya Fakultas Ilmu Administrasi


Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Strategy