ECOGEN: An open-source tool for multiphase, compressible, multiphysics flows

Published: 9 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5bvx4g39dw.1


ECOGEN, a new open-source computational fluid dynamics code is presented. It is a multi-model tool devoted to the simulation of compressible flows. A large range of problems can be solved, from single-phase gas dynamics to multiphase, multiphysics flows including interface problems between pure fluids. This code is suited for strongly unsteady flows. The numerical solver of ECOGEN is implemented in a flexible structure making the code able to compute such complex flows on different kinds of discretization grids. The implemented hyperbolic solver is able to deal with Cartesian geometries as well as unstructured grids. A recent adaptive mesh refinement method is also implemented. Its numerical implementation is presented in detail to help the enthusiastic developer to contribute to this open-source project. Representative test cases are presented to show the tool abilities and to open the gate for future developments.



Computational Physics, Multiphase Flow, Mesh Adaptation Refinement