Data for: Exploring the physiological, neurophysiological and cognitive performance effects of elevated Carbon Dioxide concentrations indoors

Published: 23 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5c8dpjsjb4.1
Stephen Snow,


This supplementary data package contains the following documents: "All testing materials-2.docx" = Microsoft Word document containing the full experimental protocol including all the questionnaires, subjective information to be elicited, instructions for the participants. This document is of sufficient detail for the protocol to be reproduced by others. "CO2 level continuous.xlsx" = Microsoft Excel document containing data for the CO2 concentration experienced by all participants and aggregate graphs of CO2 concentration. "Study2_SharedPure(raw data).sav" = SPSS file containing all participants demographics, data for physiological, neurophysiological, questionnaire responses and all other recorded parameters. "Study 2 Test_battery_details.docx" = Microsoft Word document with further details of the cognitive performance test batteries used and links to the test battery provider's website. ReadMe.txt = Text file describing the information above.



Physiology, Electroencephalography, Psychometric Testing