Pore-scale Bubble Population Dynamics of CO2-Foam at Reservoir Pressure, Dataset and Segmented Images

Published: 14 February 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5d37nbzf9s.1
Benyamine Benali,


The data repository contains the dataset used in the publication " Pore-scale Bubble Population Dynamics of CO2-Foam at Reservoir Pressure" The data files are subdivided into folders containing the flowing data: Breakthrough.csv – normalized length and area of the largest open area (continuous bubble) Decay_and_mean_area.csv – number of bubbles (N) in the micromodel and mean area (Areal), also contains a mean minor (ma) and major (Ma) axis of the bubbles, and the average of the ma and Ma (M) number_of_bubbles_normalized.csv – number of bubbles subdivided into size categories number_of_bubbles_raw.csv – number of bubbles bubbles_center.zip – a zip folder containing a .csv file for every timestep, describing all bubbles in the segmented image(s) segmented_pictures.zip - – a zip folder containing a binary image of the bubbles at every timestep. The name of the experiments corresponds to: experiment 138 = 5000 ppm Surfactant experiment 142 = 5000 ppm Surfactant + 1500 ppm NP experiment 130 = 5000 ppm Surfactant + 150 ppm N



Carbon Dioxide, Foam, Pore Scale, Carbon Capture and Storage