Published: 1 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5g7dhjv8dc.1
Esra Sipahi


The general purpose of this study; to determine whether the social appearance anxiety of the personnel working in the enterprises has an impact on the need for social approval. In the sub-objectives for the general purpose of the study; the levels of subdimensions of the participants' social appearance anxiety, need for social approval and sub-dimensions; It is aimed to reveal whether there is an interaction between the mentioned variables. Method: Since this study is for determining whether there is an effect between the two variables, the model was designed in the form of an interactive model. In this context, the relationship and interaction between social approval needs and sub-dimensions and social appearance anxiety are discussed separately. The sample group of the research consists of 424 personnel working in the upper and lower positions in the manufacturing sector in Adana and Mersin provinces. In order to collect data within the scope of the research, the social approval need scale developed by Karaşar and Öğmiş (2016) and consisting of three questions and 25 questions were used. In addition, a one-dimensional social appearance anxiety scale developed by Hart et al. (2008) and adapted to Turkish by Doğan (2010) and consisting of 16 questions was used. SPSS 21.0, a data analysis program, was used for the statistical solutions of the data collected with these scales. Results: As a result of the findings obtained, it was concluded that there was a low and moderately positive significant relationship between the need for social approval and its sub-dimensions and social appearance anxiety (r =, 383; and r =, 501 p <0.00). In addition, it was determined that perceptions about social appearance anxiety positively affect their perceptions about social approval need [(β =,461), (p <0.05)] (R2:, 212; p:,000). Discussion: In this research, in which employees' social appearance anxiety has an effect on the need for social approval, this study has emerged as an expected situation in which employees with social appearance anxiety can be affected in the same direction. Keyword: Managers and Employees, Need for Social Approval, Social Appearance Anxiety, Manufacturing Enterprises